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The Creator Economy — Reinventing the creative agency

What if brands stopped hiring agencies and worked directly with creative freelancers on their creative advertising campaigns? Our aim is to make entrepreneurs out of creative freelancers and send waves through the industry.

Elco Ian
What’s real? The Unreal AR Project

How might you guarantee the success of an ad? And more importantly; how might you repeat that success? Every day, we're trying to find the answer to these questions, but when publishing ads on paid socials there are so many variables you're not in control of, meaning if you conduct the same experiment twice, you’ll basically never get the same outcome. Still, there are learnings from previous winners and ways to optimize and iterate - in this blog post, we'll teach you how.

Agustin Anevenua
Broad targeting - a double-edged sword for Facebook Advertising

Here you will find out about what is Broad targeting on Facebook advertising, types of Broad, why it's good and why it's bad and my personal opinion about that.

Iurie Marin
Top 5 Reasons Mobile App Publishers Fail At Creating Ads For Paid Socials

Your ad creatives are flawless - the copy is smart yet sophisticated, the design is more on-brand than your holy brand book. Also, the production process couldn’t have been more scientifically correct. You learned your consumer insights by heart, and the way you solved your audience’s pain points with your outstanding USPs have never been more on-point. Still, your results are shit - your campaign only brought a few conversions at a price waaay above your KPIs. How could this happen?‍

Elco Ian
Cross-channel advertising strategy in the post-Apple ATT era

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency turned the online advertising world upside down causing a major blow into measurement, report and the way huge platforms like Facebook used to track their users' data.

Dominique Noble
Limitless creativity in automated production process

Last year I shared this blog post on how Paintgun sets order in creative production “chaos” explaining how our weekly sprints work. And since then we have been receiving a lot more questions about our production, mainly asking about how we stay creative in such a structured and always repeating process. The hack that we use is simple but requires a very well-planned action plan. And here is how we do it:

Alisa Chalakhyan
LTV vs CTR: best strategy to win both

About female-centric event SpeakHer organized by App Growth Summit which serves as platforms for those female leaders in the marketing industry to share their expatriates in a rivalry-free environment.

Alisa Chalakhyan
iOS 14 Preparedness: All you need to know about what you won’t know in the new era of tracking

Apple’s new privacy updates are shifting the advertising industry into the long-waited privacy-first advertising and advertisers are getting ready for the apocalypse while trying to learn new nerdy terms such as the SKAdNetwork, ConversionValue, AppTrackingTransparency…

Mahmoud Monem
Creative specialists: data science behind top performers

How tagging your ads might help you to identify the best creative persons in the team.

Tomasz Pasko
5 Mistakes You Are Making In Creative Testing For Performance Advertising And How To Fix It

Do you remember these times when all marketers cared about campaign setup, bidding, and targeting? I do! It’s a mistake that is constantly made even by experienced marketers. These days when Facebook and other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, or Pinterest have enough data to build a block of hard drives reaching to the moon (joking!) We all know that creativity is the most important factor in your campaigns. Also, as Naval Ravikant once said — it’s barely impossible to automate creativity.

Tomasz Pasko
The 7 Principles of User Acquisition for Fintech Companies

The 7 principles to acquire customers faster and cheaper, to understand how to build the first truly global bank.

Elco Ian
Transforming User Acquisition for Mobile Apps partners with Canon, Invstr and Cleo with ad spend’s of +$1m under management. It has recently saved £300k for a Fintech app by dropping CPA with a whopping 40% in 8 weeks and finding a new baseline.

Elco Ian
Good Business: 7–4 Species

We all have a role to play in protecting our planet and the species that live on it. 7–4 Species is an initiative run by Each month we commit 7% of company revenue to helping the planet and the species that inhabit it. As part of the initiative, each month we donate £1000 to our favourite individuals or groups making a difference in this world. They take our camera and tell their story.

Richard Ashton
Counterintuitive marketing to lower your CPA

In this blog post, you’ll read how to drop CPA for your mobile app advertising — even when you are spending a couple of thousand dollars a month. It’s a real case study, based on our longstanding existing clients. Let’s start!

Tomasz Pasko
How Paintgun dropped CPA by 44% for the best budgeting app of 2019

Use the visual language of the internet to grab attention and grow mobile acquisition, reach and influence for apps.

Elco Ian

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