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Pure Performance Model

Get our ads for free, pay only for those that run

Creative Sprints

Experience a blast of creatives assets every week with Paintgun’s high-tempo testing

Ads Incubator

Use Paintgun’s proprietary algorithm to determine weekly winning ads

Meme Machine

We combine cultural currency and proprietary methodologies to create viral ad content tailored to your audience

Creative Data Analytics

Use the Paintgun app to analyze every variable of your ads

Creative Agility

Our agile production processes and proprietary creative tools will help you create winning ads across all social channels

Trusted by the Best Startups

Our clients have used Paintgun to succeed in new funding rounds

Fast Scale-Up

Identify the best ads in days and scale quickly

Easy Exit

No strings attached, simply turn off the Paintgun ads

Photo of Barnaby Hussey-Yeo
Founder & CEO Cleo AI
Barnaby Hussey-Yeo
Founder & CEO Cleo AI

“After only 6 weeks of design sprints and rapid testing, Paintgun cracked the code. UA spiked in a way we had not seen before.”

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