Founder and MD

What’s your story?

I’m Paintgun’s founder and a life-long start-up entrepreneur. As a kid listening to Tupac and Biggie, I dreamed of hustling and big money. As I grew up, my ambitions changed to making a meaningful impact in this world. Paintgun was about “painting the internet” – making the internet more beautiful. Now we are on the dark side of social media, but we try to do this in an interesting way, working with talented creatives to show something new, as well as contributing 7% of our revenue to giving back. We want to set an example for the tech industry, which as a whole is not playing its part in improving lives and the planet.

Right now I’m...

Living nomadic. Loving art, graffiti and surfing.

A trend I think about a lot…

I’m a big fan of quoting important people (whose words make me sound intelligent). In fact have one for you right now: “Inspirational quote which widely and dishonestly oversimplifies a complex issue of great importance”.

Emoji I overuse:


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