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Who are you?

I’m a multi-disciplined creative, writer and researcher with a zeal for captivating content. Popular culture is my sport and I play best when I keep my eyes on the performance marketing prize. I’m a social innovator with a meticulous mindset: always there when you call, always online. Hit my line if you want in on the most #relatable astrology memes or if you’re in need of a peak-time playlist to tap into your remote workflow. 

My social media spirit animal is…

TikTok. The millennial in me can’t resist memes in motion, global dance challenges and celebs spiralling. Remember Vine? (R.I.P.) TikTok is basically Vine but a thousand times better and if you’re not on TT you’re missing out on the joys of lip sync battles, playful pranks, bizarre talents and the very best in cute pet content. No wonder that, as of January 2020, it’s the most downloaded app in the US, outperforming Facebook and Instagram. 

Emojis I overuse…


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