Who are you?

If you asked me this 4 years ago, I'd argue that I'm a chill person that is looking for a peaceful work-life balance with clear boundaries separating professional and personal lives. But as they often say - never say never. Today I'm a start-up owner and seed stage start-up mentor specializing in risk management. My life now is the exact opposite of what I used to visualize for myself - 24/7 work and study surrounded by people that I love and adore that I call colleagues, friends and family at the same time. 

Why Paintgun?

This was my first experience working remotely with people from different countries, cultures and mentalities - an international hybrid of creatives and performers. What else was needed for an exciting journey? I took it on as an intriguing challenge and now it is an overly fun experience.  

My social media addiction 

Despite working with a social media marketing agency, I am miles away from almost all social media channels, except for YouTube. 80-90% of my daily portion of YouTube content are dance videos. As a former dancer, I am addicted to creative choreography and quality videography. 

An emoji that defines me OR an emoji I overuse

These are practically the same - ":3" (the "cat-smile") but the sad thing about it is that it doesn exist as an emoji yet :(

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