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Transforming User Acquisition for Mobile Apps

August 16, 2019 partners with Canon, Invstr and Cleo with ad spend’s of +$1m under management. It has recently saved £300k for a Fintech app by dropping CPA with a whopping 40% in 8 weeks and finding a new baseline. wants to spark your imagination. Who sparked ours:

These extraordinary individuals inspired us to build something great, but let’s face it, these kind of inspiring stories are not going to drop your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

What drops it?

When CPA Increases

Best performers are ads that don’t look like ads.

They blend in the aesthetic of an app with different formats, such as memes, ASMR, TikTok/Twitch content, so ads appear as user generated content (video memes, fake tweets, testimonials etc).

Ads which blend into someone’s timeline like an organic post are successful. Why? Because of banner blindness — it’s a phenomenon where people consciously or unconsciously ignore banner-like information

The human brain is a prediction machine. It is continuously analysing information it comes across. Whenever you see a type of content repeatedly, your brains begins notice and discard.

Create ads that blend in with social media feeds, communicates brand info in seconds, and creates a positive/familiar social association with your app.

Let’s take it back one step or two..

Why is mobile acquisition so damn hard?

How does make it easier?

How does our preferred agency-client relationship look like?

What makes our ads relatable?

What’s our purpose?

Are you working on an exciting app?

Just reach out via LinkedIn, my Insta, email: Or schedule 15 mins with me here.

Thank you for your time!




5 Mistakes You Are Making In Creative Testing For Performance Advertising And How To Fix It

Do you remember these times when all marketers cared about campaign setup, bidding, and targeting? I do! It’s a mistake that is constantly made even by experienced marketers. These days when Facebook and other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, or Pinterest have enough data to build a block of hard drives reaching to the moon (joking!) We all know that creativity is the most important factor in your campaigns. Also, as Naval Ravikant once said — it’s barely impossible to automate creativity.

Want to reach users that love your app?

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