Creative specialists: data science behind top performers

How tagging your ads might help you to identify the best creative persons in the team.
Tomasz Pasko
March 17, 2021

How tagging your ads might help you to identify the best creative persons in the team.

How do you find designers and copywriters who are able to produce ads that will bring your CPA down? At Paintgun, we’ve created a simple and straightforward process of tagging ads that let us easily identify people who create assets with the best performance. Let’s imagine that you have 5 designers and 5 copywriters. You want to know which designer and which copywriter made the best ads to reach your KPI of the lowest CPA.

Here’s how you can implement our methodology to check your performance data:

  1. Prepare variables — you can use your standard naming convention, but you need to add 2 variables “_desinger:name_” + “_copywriter:name_”.
  2. Tag ads — tag every ad on Facebook (or any other platform) with these 2 variables mentioned above. With this, you’ll know which ad comes from which designer/copywriter.
  3. Gather data — spend some money, get some data. Remember about statistical significance. 10 conversions aren’t enough. I would recommend having at least 500 conversions so if your current CPA is $5 you need to spend $2500 to get the desired amount of data.
  4. Analyze — to make an analysis I download the report from Facebook Business Manager, import it into Google Sheet, and using the pivot table I extract info about conversions, spent, CPA. Or, if you’re more advanced you can pass performance data straight from Facebook through API to Airtable (this is how we do it). In a matter of seconds, you’re able to create a table which will reveal info about the producer of the best converting ads.
  5. Repeat — depending on your ad spend and needs you can repeat this test every week, month, or a few months.

Based on variables you have coded in your ads you can make reports to know who’s the best in your team. For example, you can generate a report like this below where we were measuring who created ads with the highest number of conversions (well done Flor!).

Designers comparison.

You don’t have to limit variables in the ad name to info only about designers and copywriters. For example, we put around 20–50 variables in each ad name (all done automatically using Airtable) to see which detail of the ad has an impact on its performance. Thanks to this we know which creative format, type, and sub-type resonate best with our audience. We also know that having people faces (and what kind of people) gives us a better CPA.

Fake-tweet as a major conversion driver.

This data helps us measure more than just the performance results per employee? We also code the following variables:

Thanks to this solution you can literally check the impact of every detail and every change you make on your ads. You have changed mockup to lifestyle photo? You can measure it. You have changed thumbnail — you can measure it. You have changed the background? You can also measure it. You can do it manually, but why don’t you automate it using advanced naming convention?

Based on the tags I mentioned above your marketing team can spot and understand patterns that help them to know why certain ads work.

Let’s take a closer look at an example below. We were testing which creative format has the highest number of conversions per week. It looks that SC-DM (Snapchat DM’s) brought us the highest number of conversions in this period of time. Imagine, that you can gather so much data about your winning creatives only changing ad name. It’s great, isn’t it?

Creative format comparison.

Optimizing creative and copy to get the best CPA might seem strange at first, but in the long run, it will bring you the best possible results — and what’s more important than the low CPA? Having info about which designer or copywriter make the best ad might help you to grow your team with people who are able to deliver results, especially when you have limited time & budget.

We, at, do these tests constantly as we’re constantly optimizing our processes and outputs (ads) to deliver the best results possible. Thanks to this, we work with people who not only ace great copywriting or design cool ads but also know how to produce ads that bring down the CPA.

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