Drop CPA, accelerate growth & increase revenue

Hacking social ads for record-breaking mobile acquisition

Make your marketing team superhuman.

Paid social ads.
Your Facebook, TikTok & Snap Ads managed by us.
Creative production.
Weekly creative sprints led by our strategists.
Paintgun app.
Constant performance data feedback loop.
Experiments run per week
creative and audiences
Ad spend under management
on paid social
CPA reduction on average
for our app clients
£2.5 Million
Signups since we launched in December 2019
Revenue since we launched in October 2019
Average content downloads per month
Hi, we’re Paintgun, we help apps scale.

We hack social ads for record-breaking mobile acquisition

Ads optimized

 to hold attention

Case study: MeetCleo

The best budgeting app of 2019

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Case study: MeetCleo

Our ads don't look like ads.

Memeification of advertising

Performance management.

Counter-intuitive marketing to drop your CPA.
Sustainability: 7-4 Species

We want to make a difference – giving 7% revenue to initiatives

At Paintgun, we’re good people...

A global team of innovators with a passion for living creatively

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