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What’s your story?

I’m a copywriter and culture journalist currently based in Berlin, where I cover subculture and the thrill-seeking corners of this lovably dysfunctional city. Turning pop culture references into marketing copy that actually works isn’t easy, so it’s super satisfying when you nail it. 

A hashtag I’m here for...

As a lifelong Princess Diana stan, I fully support #Megxit. 

An emoji I overuse...



Who are you?

If you asked me this 4 years ago, I'd argue that I'm a chill person that is looking for a peaceful work-life balance with clear boundaries separating professional and personal lives. But as they often say - never say never. Today I'm a start-up owner and seed stage start-up mentor specializing in risk management. My life now is the exact opposite of what I used to visualize for myself - 24/7 work and study surrounded by people that I love and adore that I call colleagues, friends and family at the same time. 

Why Paintgun?

This was my first experience working remotely with people from different countries, cultures and mentalities - an international hybrid of creatives and performers. What else was needed for an exciting journey? I took it on as an intriguing challenge and now it is an overly fun experience.  

My social media addiction 

Despite working with a social media marketing agency, I am miles away from almost all social media channels, except for YouTube. 80-90% of my daily portion of YouTube content are dance videos. As a former dancer, I am addicted to creative choreography and quality videography. 

An emoji that defines me OR an emoji I overuse

These are practically the same - ":3" (the "cat-smile") but the sad thing about it is that it doesn exist as an emoji yet :(


What’s your story?

I’m a marketing specialist with a CV so long it starts back when MySpace was cool. I literally served in a military espionage unit and the knowledge I gained there often comes in handy in marketing. I also work for a non-profit which encourages entrepreneurship inside the local community. Paintgun allows me the flexibility I always lacked in my previous jobs. I also like the transparency of the company as a whole, sustainability effort, and the overall dynamics of work.

The future of tech is...

Knowing a user needs an item before the user knows it themselves. Tech giants already know so much about us, the only thing they are still lacking is the tech to understand the human factor behind our decisions. Once that tech is ready, and it will be ready at some point in the future, you’ll find a perfectly matched pair of shoes Amazon Primed to your doorstep before you even start looking (but not before you start considering to buy a new pair of shoes.)

An emoji I overuse…



Modular and versatile.

Flexible panels are perfect for building functional layouts.
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