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Alisa Chalakhyan


Limitless creativity in automated production process

Last year I shared this blog post on how Paintgun sets order in creative production “chaos” explaining how our weekly sprints work. And since then we have been receiving a lot more questions about our production, mainly asking about how we stay creative in such a structured and always repeating process. The hack that we use is simple but requires a very well-planned action plan. And here is how we do it:


LTV vs CTR: best strategy to win both

Marketing is one of the few industries that is dominated by women (53.96% female representation) and yet this number shrinks when it comes to leadership roles. According to the Gender in Marketing Report compiled by, in 2015, females took up around 40% of the ‘manager’ and ‘head of’ roles around the world, while men were 2x as likely to be a director and 4x as likely to be a CEO or MD. Today these numbers have improved slightly in favor of women but the difference is still quite significant.